[30 Agustus 16.00(JST) Pemeliharaan Selesai] New Skill Trees: "Dark Power" and "Magic Blade"!

Awaken the New Powers... 2 New Skill Trees Added!

New Skill Trees: "Dark Power" and "Magic Blade" are now out!
Use the special items: "[Book of Darkness]" or "[Book of Magic Warrior]" to learn them.

Please refer to "this news" for more details.

Celebration of New Skills! 2 Limited Recipes!

We have added "[Book of Darkness]" or "[Book of Magic Warrior]" to the item recipes available at synthesists' for a limited time.
The items are categorized in [Limited-Time].

Don't miss the chance to get the items and experience the new skills!

Available Period of the Recipes

From: After the maintenance on 8/30/2018
Until: Before the maintenance on 9/13/2018

New Map: "Buried Tower" Released!

Ahead of Copia Reservoir, there is a new map called [Buried Tower].
In the deep part of the building that penetrates the earth, you will face the new boss monster...

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

- New Recipes have been added.

- Lv Cap has been raised to 165.

- The prizes for the live stream on 8/27 have been sent.

- The prizes for High Difficulty Event (Revival) have been sent.

- New Boss Monster: "Amoeba Machina" has been added in "Ultimea Sewer: Southeast".

- 3rd Anniversary Limited Recipes have been removed.

- The campaign of Ambassador Haruka Nakagawa has ended.
 The following contents has ended as well.
 - Come Back Campaign
 - Start Dash Campaign
 - EXP Boost

- Fisherman Points Boost Campaign has ended.

- The following improvements have been applied.
 - The mercenary, partner and pets are shown in the member list of the preparation screen for boss battles.
  Also, when you are the party leader and there is no mercenary in the party, you can hire a mercenary with "Hire Mercenary with Spina" button in the preparation screen.

 [Rabu 5 September 17.45(JST/GMT+9)]
 - The emblems for adding friends have been changed as the following.

  - Before
   Able to claim the emblem rewards regardless of Story Mission progress.

  - After
   Able to claim the emblem rewards after completing Story Mission Chapter 1: "The Goddess of Wisdom".

- The following issues have been fixed.

 [Rabu 31 Agustus 10.45(JST/GMT+9)]
 - Some attacks of the Diving Event Boss Monster can be stopped by players attacks.

 - Able to report senders of mails in unexpected maps.
 - The icons of party members on the mini map are incorrect.
 - [iOS] When tapping another part of the screen while entering chats, the entered characters are sent as chat.
 - When synthesizing items with "Alchemy Skill", it cannot be finished correctly under certain conditions.
 - When changing weapons while skills are activated, you become unable to change equipment after that.
 - When tapping Action button or skills on shortcuts while being attacked by multiple monsters, you may target a monster that is not attacking you.
 - Unable to continue playing the game when deleting skill trees in Challenge Dungeon.

[Rabu 5 September 17.45(JST/GMT+9)]
- Some maintenance contents have been changed.

[Rabu 31 Agustus 10.45(JST/GMT+9)]
- Some maintenance contents have been changed.