[26 Juli 15.30(JST) Pemeliharaan Selesai] Final Mission of Chapter 7! Summer Event!

The Story Reveals Chaotic Ending of the Chapter...

The final mission: "Chaotic Truth" of Chapter 7 "Upheaval in Ultimea" has been released.
Along with the addition of the new story mission, New Map: "Ultimea Palace: Throne" has been added.

Complete the final mission and check the end of chapter 7 with your own eyes!

Cooperate with Another Party! Play Raid Battle!!

Raid Battle in which you can play with 2 parties, is available on the boss monster in the latest mission.

The second party can enter the battle after the first party enters the battle field.
Please note that 2nd party has to enter within certain period of time after the battle begins, and the boss has to be remaining certain amount of HP.


*Raid Battle is available after completing Story Mission: "Chaotic Truth".

*When another party is joining in the battle, all the party members' HP will show up on the left of the screen as "Secondary Party".

*When another party becomes unable to join the battle after the battle begins, NPC will automatically join as "Secondary Party".

*The result rewards such as Attacker and Breaker will be defined in each party.

*Skills that affect party members such as Support Skill: "High Cycle" and Shield Skill: "Guardian" affect only the members in your party during raid battles.
On the other hand, skills that choose a target such as Support Skill: "Heal" and "Recovery" are available on players in another party.

Get Through the Hot Summer! 1st Part of Summer Event 2018 Begins!!

We have added limited time recipes at blacksmiths'!
All the items fit the summer season!
Dress up your character and enjoy summer!

Defeat water element monsters to get the material: "Summer Shell" needed for the recipes.
Also, the summer recipes will be added in future update.

Available Period of Recipes

From: After the maintenance on 7/26/2018
Until: Before the maintenance on 9/13/2018

Drop Period of Summer Shell

From: After the maintenance on 7/26/2018
Until: Before the maintenance on 9/6/2018


*Certain boss monsters don't drop Summer Shell.

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

- Item Storage "T" has been released.

- The prizes of Challenge Dungeon Score Competition have been sent.

- The scenery of Your Land will change to summer season.

- The following improvements have been applied.(Tap for details)
 - Function to change gender via "Change Appearance".
  The item to change gender: "Gender Switch Stone" can be obtained in Guild Maze.
 - Function to skip conversations and animation in Missions that have already been completed with another character in the same account.
 - By tapping the character names on mails, you can send friend/guild request, and report.
 - Mozto Machina in Story Mission has been weakened.
  This does not affect regular boss battles for Mozto Machina.
 - Frame Rate Settings will be added to Settings > System.
  Please note that this function does not work correctly on certain devices.
  Please refer to the following for the frame rate settings.

  - Normal
   This is the default settings.
  - HQ
   The graphic and motion will become smoother.

- The following issues have been fixed.(Tap for details)
 - The number of monsters defeated in a party while accepting quests may become different under certain conditions.

 - Even if you don't have required items, signboard system shows as if you had them under certain conditions.

 - "Lyark Defender" may perform unexpected attack.

 - Unable to deal correct damage with Halberd Skill: "Dragon Tooth" under certain conditions.