Major Update Including Story Mission!!

Story Mission: "Head for Ultimea Palace" released after the maintenance!

Story Mission: "Head for Ultimea Palace" released after the maintenance!

Go to the palace in Ultimea to defeat Venena the Empress of Lyark who is afflicting people and destroyed the partisans!

Don't miss the new story unfolded in the new maps!

Skill Balance Adjustment

From the skills related to main weapons such as Magic and Mononofu skills to Buff and Support Skills,
14 skills have been adjusted!

Please refer to the following for the adjustments. (Tap to open/close the details)

Blade Skill
・Meteor Breaker
Invincible is removed when landing on feet.

Magic Skill
・Magic: Finale
The interval between the skill action and damage activation is adjusted.

Mononofu Skill
・Garyou Tensei
The reduction in critical rate becomes less.

Halberd Skill
・Chronos Drive
After dealing damage to a target, it deals damage over time.
The effect to add damage to normal attacks is deleted.

・Punish Ray
The effect of critical rate boost is adjusted.

Shield Skill
・Force Shield
Physical resistance increases.

・Magical Shield
Magic resistance increases.

Dagger Skill
・Intensive Knife
Damage calculation adjusted.

・Gatling Knife
Damage calculation adjusted.
The element of the main weapons is reflected.
The graphic effect changes depending on the element.

・Hidden Arm
Damage calculation adjusted.

・Mail Breaker
When activating Hidden Arm, you have low chance to add Critical Rate +75, Attack MP Recovery +100% to the next normal attack.

Hunter Skill
・Land Mine
Damage calculation adjusted.
Infliction rates of Ignition with arrows are adjusted.

Damage calculation adjusted.

Priest Skill
・Holy Light
Damage calculation adjusted.
Skill power increases.
Damage calculation adjustment with a staff.
HP recovery with a magic device.
Magic defense pierce removed.

Free Skill Reset

The number of times you can reset: The number of characters in an account x 2
The number of times you can reset: The number of characters in an account

Available Period of Free Skill Reset

From:6/28/2018 at 9:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)
From: After the maintenance on 6/28/2018
Until: 7/5/2018 at 1:59 PM (JST/GMT+9)


*Both individual skill reset and all skill reset are counted as 1 time.

3rd Anniversary Countdown Emblem Added

In thanks for playing Toram Online, we would like to add the countdown emblems for 3rd anniversary that is coming on 7/17/2018!

Play Toram Online every day and get the 4 emblems below!

Emblem: 3rd Anniversary Countdown A
Condition: Logged in the game.
Reward: Teleport Ticket x1

Emblem: 3rd Anniversary Countdown B
Condition: Played 30 minutes today.
Reward: Mana Potion x1

Emblem: 3rd Anniversary Countdown C
Condition: Played for 1 hour today.
Reward: Life Potion x1

Emblem: 3rd Anniversary Countdown D
Condition: Played for 2 hours today.
Reward: Orb Shard x20

Event Period

From: After the maintenance on 6/28/2018
Until: Before the maintenance on 7/12/2018

Please refer to the following for the other details of the maintenance.

Maintenance Details

- Addition of new recipes.

- Lv Cap raised to 160.

- The prizes for Toram Live Streaming have been sent.

- End of June Bride Event
*Groom Box and Bride Box will be removed during the maintenance on 7/12/2018.

- End of 8 Million DLs Event.

- End of High Difficulty Event.

- End of Twitter Event Limited Boss Battle.

- Ambassador Campaign Event
We will gift special emblems and items to celebrate the ambassador!
For details, please refer to [this news].

- Treasure Boxes and Lost Property Points are added to the maps of Story Mission Chapter 5 and 6.

The following improvements will apply.

- You can play the Story Missions again with newly created characters.
Also, you can earn EXP by completing the Story Missions.

- Adjusted the display of stat boost effects in item descriptions.

- Adjustment for the party and guild chats when moving across maps.

- Last login info in Friend List and Guild Member List.

- Upgrade Crysta added to the signboard feature.

- World expansion for the Consignment Board.

- Adjustment for speed and trajectory of Potum Darts.

- The following issues have been fixed.(Tap for details)
- When using Support Skill: "Recovery" on party members, the buff icon does not appear.

- Unable to tap shortcuts and Action button after the mini game for defeating monsters.

- MP Recover is not activated by normal attacks of Decoy Shot under certain conditions.

- Empty slots may appear in a bag when selecting an item to process while you have unprocessable items in your bag.

- Issue of not being able to play from the loading animation even if the connection improves if the connection to the server gets disconnected while performing "Edit Attached Crysta".

- Under certain conditions, the item synthesis animation not completing properly

- Status ailments effects not working correctly during combo under certain conditions.