[30 November 15.30 Pemeliharaan Selesai]Pemberitahuan Pemeliharaan Kamis, 30 November 2017

Pemberitahuan selesainya pemeliharaan dari Tim Operasi Toram Online.

Pemeliharaan yang dilakukan pada hari Kamis, 30 November 2017 14.00 JST/GMT+9 telah selesai pada pukul 15.30.

Maintenance Details

- Winter New Adventurer Support Campaign 2017
 Must see if you are going to play Toram Online from now!
 2 special campaigns are held for a limited time!
 ●Campaign Contents
 - 2x EXP from monsters!
 - Special emblems to get useful items every day!

 ●Campaign Period
 From: After the maintenance on 11/30/2017
 Until: Before the maintenance on 12/7/2017

- 7 Million DLs Event has ended.
 The following contents have ended.
 - Limited Time Boss Battle Event
 - Limited Time Emblems
 - Golden Potum
 - Distribution of 7 Million Download Pack
 - Official Twitter Follow&RT Campaign
 Limited Time Recipes are available until before the maintenance on 12/7/2017.

- Halloween Event Recipes have been removed.

- The prizes of Challenge Dungeon Score Competition have been sent.

- Character Slot has been released.

- The following issues have been fixed.
 - "Come Back Login Bonus" was not working correctly.
 - The color of mood messages can be changed.
 - Graphical defects occur while equipping certain equipment and "Fire Dragon Craw".
 - Issue of characters being able to equip One-Handed Swords on Main and Sub Weapon.
 - If you restart the app while you set a skill in a combo, which is on a Star Gem equipped, the combo becomes unavailable.
 - While you are equipping Star Gems with the total cost of 3 or more and set the skills on shortcuts and restart the app, the shortcuts are removed from the list.