[26 Oktober 15.30(JST) Pemeliharaan Selesai]EXP&Drop Rates Boost for Harder Difficulties! New Story&Recipes Released!

Up to 10x EXP and 5x Drop Rates! EXP&Drop Rates Boost for Harder Difficulties!!

EXP and Drop Rates of boss monsters such as "Ancient Empress" and "Boss Roga" in difficulties of hard or higher will be greatly boosted!
The power of boss monsters will not change, so you can level up and get rare items easier.

Let's challenge bosses with high difficulties with your fellow adventurers!

The boosts will apply based on Normal difficulty.
(The white letters are before the change, and the yellow letters are after the change.)

EXP: 1.5x → 2x
Drop Rates: 1.1x → 2x

EXP: 3x → 5x
Drop Rates: 1.2x → 3x

EXP: 4.5x → 10x
Drop Rates: 1.4x → 5x

*There is no change in Normal or lower difficulty.
*There is no change in boss monsters' HP and attack power.
*This change is not a limited-time change.
*The rates are subject to change.

Chapter 6 ends soon... New Story Mission&Maps Released!

The dim and unique maps: "Peligro Landfill" and "Small Demi Machina Factory" have been released.
Lots of strange monsters that match the atmosphere of each map appear!
You can go to "Peligro Landfill" from Singolare Ruins, "Small Demi Machina Factory" from Peligro Landfill.

Along with the release of the new maps, new Story Mission: "The Blasphemous Factory" has been added.
Don't miss the climax of Chapter 6!

Difficulty: "Very Hard" for Halloween Event Chapter 2!

Difficulty: "Very Hard" has been released for Halloween Event Chapter 2.
What awaits you after defeating Jeila in Difficulty: Hard...?

Check the boss monster with your own eyes!

For more details about Halloween Event, please refer to "this announcement".

* If the app cannot be updated correctly on iOS, please refer to "here" and try again.

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

- New Recipes have been added.
 The recipes for the following items have been added.
 - Soldier Sword (One-Handed Sword)
 - Sinergatis (Two-Handed Sword)
 - Priest Mace(Staff)
 - Zaif Sadik (Knuckles)
 - Spike Shield (Shield)
 - Beak Mask (Additional Gear)
 - Circle of Order (New Additional Gear)

- Limited Recipes of Autumn Event 2017 have been removed.

- Autumn Event 2017 Special Mission has ended.

- Level Cap has been raised to 140.

- The prizes of Challenge Dungeon Score Competition have been sent.

- The prizes for Toram Live Streaming have be sent.

- Item Storage "Q" has been released.

- The stats of the normal monsters that appear during boss battles change depending on the difficulty.
 The stats of the normal monsters get stronger in Hard or higher difficulties.

- New Settings have been added.
 The following settings will be added to System in Settings.
 - Tapping Other Characters

 You can refrain from opening menus or tapping other characters during combat or other situations.

- The descriptions of the following daily emblems have been slightly modified.
 There is no change in the conditions to obtain them.

 - Today's Part-Time Job

  Completed 1 quest.
  →Completed 1 quest today.

 - For the Public Good

  Completed 2 quests.
  →Completed 3 quests today.
 - The Talk of the Town
  Completed 3 quests.
  →Completed 6 quests today.

- Minor improvements.
 - The animation for Create/Refine/Customize Equipment has been shortened.
  Please note that the animation may delay depending on your Internet connection.

 - The number per set shows up in Item Synthesis.
 - When a "TAP" mark of a broken part overlap buttons such as shortcuts, the buttons preferentially react.
  If the part is not broken, "TAP" mark preferentially react.

- Minor bug fixes.
 - Issue of an error code shows up when extracting a Crysta with an Upgrade Crysta while inventory is full.
  After the fix, Upgrade Crystas will be unavailable if inventory is full.
 - Issue of sent mails that are not sorted by the time sent under certain conditions.