[EDIT]For Your Favorite Avatars! Introduction on Enchant System!

"Enchant System", which allows you to add stats on avatars, was implemented during the maintenance on June 22nd.

Use the special item: "Fairy Sewing Tool" to add stats or change the stats.

We hope you'll like your avatars more with this system!

★:Equip the Avatar to Change Stats

★:Select the Avatar to Change Stats

★:Begin Enchantment

★:Confirm Added Stats

Equip the Avatar to Change Stats

Please equip the avatar to change the stats in Menu screen.

You cannot add stats of the avatar in "Accessory" category at the top of the equipment slots.
Please equip on "Avatar (Top)", "Avatar (Bottom)", or "Avatar Accessory" to put stats.

*Tap [Menu > Character > Equipment > Avatar] to change your avatars.

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Select the Avatar to Change Stats

Tap "Enchant" button after equipping avatars.

Select the avatar from Top/Bottom/Accessory, and the avatar name and current stats will be shown.

Tap "Enchant" to proceed to the confirmation screen.

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Begin Enchantment

Tap "Begin Enchantment" to proceed.

You can cancel the enchantment before the bar is filled.
"Fairy Sewing Tool" will not be consumed when you cancel.

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Confirm Added Stats

The added stats will be decided at random and up to 3 types of stats can be added.
Stats for 1st slot will be added 100% of the time, 2nd slot will be 50% of the time,
and 3rd slot will be 25% of the time after succeeding in adding stats to the 2nd slot.

If you are not satisfied with the added stats, you can challenge again by using "Fairy Sewing Tool".

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*You can confirm the stats to be enchanted in "Stats List".
*The stats displayed in yellow characters in the list are the maximum values.
*The same stats will not be added at the same time.
e.g.) If "STR +1" is added to the 1st slot, "STR " stats such as "STR +5" and "STR +10" will not be added to the 2nd and 3rd slot.

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