[15 Juni 16.00 Pemeliharaan Selesai]June Bride Event Emergency Mission! Beat the Boss and Get Gorgeous Gifts!!

Extreme Difficulty: "Ancient Empress" Descended! Challenge the June Bride Event Emergency Mission!!

Limited-Time High Difficulty Event: "June Bride Event Emergency Mission" stated after the maintenance on June 15th, 2017!
In this event, you can get an Orb by defeating the boss, and Avatar Tickets will be gifted to the party members who mark fastest battle time!
Don't miss it!

For details, please check this link.

Event Period

From: After the maintenance on June 15th, 2017
Until: Before the maintenance on June 29th, 2017

The prizes are scheduled to be sent in early July.

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

- [Pet] Tamable Pets have been added.
 The following monsters have become tamable.
 - Glow Ray
 - Kiliznar
 - Ogler
 - Pecora
 - Manticore

- "Storage O" has been released.
- [Housing] New Furniture has been added.
- Minor bug fixes.