[3/16 6:00 PM Maintenance Completed]Housing and Pet System! Enjoy Creating Your Private Land and Raising Pets!

Coordinate Your Rooms and Garden with "Housing System"!

Housing System has been released! The system can be available with a character of Lv30 or more, and requires 10,000 Spinas to buy your land.
Please tap Menu > Log Out > Go to Your Land and you can rearrange furniture, manage garden and pets, and more!

For details, please check this link.

Capture Your Favorite Monsters and Raise Them with Pet System!

Pet System allows you to capture and raise the monsters in the fields or your land.
To capture monsters, Tamer Skills, which you can learn at the library in Sofya City, and Pet Cages that are sold at general stores.
You can raise the captured monsters on your land and accompany as a pet while going on an adventure.

For details, please check this link.

Learn "Tamer Skills" to Capture Monsters!

The new skill tree: "Tamer Skills" to capture monsters in the fields and back up the pet during combat has been released.
Tamer Skills will be available after Lv30, and if you are Lv90 or higher, you can learn more skills in the skill tree.

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

- Character Slot has been added.
- Item Storage M has been released.
- The effect boosts on DX gem items have ended.
- The following issues have been fixed.
 - If Blade Skill: "Rampage" was set in Combo before the maintenance on February 23rd, the skills in the combo will be removed.
 - Unable to deal damage correctly with Dagger Skill: "Throwing Knife".
 - Attached gifts and contents of message may not be displayed correctly under certain conditions.
 - Minor bugs.