【Special Giftouts】Watch Toram Online Official Live on 7/21!!

Toram Online|【Special Giftouts】6th Anniversary Event #1158 - YouTube
7/21(Wed) 8:00 PM (JST/ GMT+9) is the Toram Online Official Live Stream of Bemmo Channel!

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Watch on YouTube Live!

Live Contents

ScheduleJuly 21st (Wed), 2021 at 8:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)
Sarah(Bemmo Channel Toram English MC)

Character Creation Showdown

Let's Visit Your Land

6th Anniversary Event Begins!!

Lucky Draw

*Please note that schedule of live streams, content,and presenters may be subject to change without notice.



We want to show your screenshots, pictures, and illustrations on #bemmo channel!♪

The user we feature during our #Toram Online live stream will receive either a Gem to help them out in future boss fights!

Ultimate GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 100%.Strengthens the boss monsters.
Legendary GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 50%.Strengthens the boss monsters.
Super Rare Drop GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 25%.Strengthens the boss monsters.

Remember to tag your pictures with #bemmoshow !

※How To Receive Your Present※
 We will notify the user we select via DM from the official Toram Online twitter account (@toram_pr).
 In order to get our DM, please make sure you follow @toram_pr !

Check out this link for more details!Tweet

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Make Use of View Mode! It's Perfect for #bemmoshow!

Picture taken with normal "Screenshot"Picture taken with "Screenshot" in View Mode

How to Switch to View Mode

In the top left corner, tap Menu > Settings > Shortcuts > Choose a shortcut slot, Menu > View Mode.

You are now able to move the screen angle while your character stays still.
To take a picture in the View Mode, you can use the usual "Screenshot" button.

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