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Toram Online|We Wanna Visit Your Land Special! #796 [MMORPG] - YouTube
12/3 (Tue) 6:00 PM (JST/GMT+9) is the Toram Online Official Live Stream of Bemmo Channel!

What we're doing today!

- We Wanna Visit Your Land Special!
 GM:Sarah wants to come visit player's Land!
 We'll be picking a volunteer from Mubia's Synthesist Shop in Sofya City.
 If you are selected, please change your Land settings to "Public".

[In this program, foreign MC Sarah learns to Toram.]
[The data used in production is borrowed from the development team.]

Join our party, and let's play together!

Apply to Join the Live Stream Party
①When you see "Looking for Party Members" in the chat, tap the name.
②Tap "Send a Party Request" from the list on the right.
③Once you have applied, it will be displayed in the chat.

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Sarah(Bemmo Channel Toram English MC)

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